Facts Uncovered About Gülen Charter Schools in KILLING ED

  • 60,000+ students
  • 150+ schools in USA (with 12 new schools applied for)
  • over 1,200 schools worldwide
  • $500M+ in taxpayer-funded revenue each year
  • FBI investigations in 4 states
  • Congressional investigation into Gülen-paid Turkey trips for politicians
  • over 5,000 Turkish employees on H1-B visas
  • operated by followers of Turkish Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gülen
  • Gülen Movement named a ‘terrorist organization’ by Turkish government
  • Movement’s charters support other follower’s businesses (catering, buses, construction, school furniture, curriculum, etc.)

Opponents of the Charter School Movement and “Reform”

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Pro-Charter Information

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Information on the Gülen Movement and its Schools

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